the woods

The brilliant Matthew Lessner recently noticed we shared the same last name and blindly contacted me to design his new movie poster. By the power of the Lessner name I present to you this cool image. Look for it in this years Sundance Festival and here at

preston record

i've been sitting on these images for awhile, this is the record cover for uk popstar preston's first solo record, "whatever forever". unfortunately it never happened. however the single did come out, which is the second drawing with the wolf on it; andrew jeffrey wright did the lettering.

comic con wizard world

i spent the whole weekend at comic con/wizard world drawing on a chalkboard to promote the new KIN phone for was totally beyond thunderdome.

philly map mural

hey, here's this thing you saw before but now its on a wall at 34 & girard in philly. release the kraken!

trouble gang!

new mixtape from trevor andrew featuring amanda blank, spank rock, santigold, lil john & more!


picture-1 my sister liz, totally keepin the scene alive

justin hawkins blowout post

justin hawkins, (frontman from the darkness, british whale, & hot leg) is clearly the greatest rocker of the decade. its my great pleasure to be making designs for him. keep up with all his magic HERE! picture-1





dirty franks hotdog logo & interior

df_wall_brown_tiledfwallpaper1 df3680566954_885d822a09_b





silver sun pickups, pounding. not for nothing,  but david cross & queensryche have been see at dirty franks as well.


owners harold larue and elizabeth lessner larue with columbus mayor and hotdog lover, jim colman. opening day so pump'd.IMG_0223

dirty franks is the best new restaurant in columbus ohio. check out this great REVIEW