The Darkness, 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us' Video

Turns out the greatest rock band of my young generation called on me to give their thunderously ripping fight song, ‘Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us’ something fun to look at while it blazes by. Unfortunately, they weren’t available to appear in the video, as they were on tour in the UK and originally hoped to debut the song/video Christmas day. So between the song's maxed out level of sheer awesomeness mixed with it being the band's first release since 2006, there was no question this video really had to be the real deal.

Through big dreamz and a bit of me wise magic, I believe the deal of real was reached. Hugely in part by the greatest crew ever imagined as well as The Darkness for giving me the keys to their muscle-car of rock and an open road to melt rubber.

Creator: Thom Lessner

Director: Ted Passon

Editor: Ted Passon

Compositor: Harvey Benschoter/ Jesse Olanday

Prop Master/ Set Designer: Brian Langan

Carpenter: Bonnie Brenda Scott

Prop Painter: Emilia Brintnall

Quality Control: Andrew Jeffrey Wright

BBC Radio Voice: Rose Luardo

Little Girl: Ingrid Rose Koppish

Director of Photography: MJ Schirmer

Grips: Dave Dunn

Kevin Gallagher

Animators: Jason Hsu

Zac Pallandino

Harvey Benschoter

Peter Burr

Jacob Ciocci

Bonnie Brenda Scott

Thom Lessner

MVP: Harvey Benschoter